Establishing Sign supply Business

Following are some of the main features needed to take in consideration in establishing a successful sign business.

  • Location
  • Designing Sense
  • Equipment: Software, Computer, Vinyl Cutter


For sign supply, small and big local businesses like schools, malls, store rooms, hospitals, travel agencies, restaurants etc. are your target customers. To attract the people, location of your office is very important. You need to establish the business in such locality which is visible and easily accessible for the customers. Your office should be placed in a manner and place that people who drive by and pass by can see the sign of your shop.


Designing Sense

Once you have chosen the location for your shop, next important step is to ensure the designing part. If you already have the command over graphic designing, that is definitely a plus point. But if you are not, then you certainly need to hire a talented designer who can manage to fulfill the artistic requirements of your business because learning the designing yourself is not an easy task. Spending a handsome amount of money to hire a good designer is worth it as you cannot afford to present poorly designed signs. You can save the cost by teaching your designer to perform other customer services your business.

Equipment: Software, Vinyl Cutter and Computer

Three main equipment essential for a sign supply shop are the software, the vinyl cutter and a computer to drive every task.


  • For a software, it is highly recommended to get Adobe Illustrator because it is characterized by high standard industry requirements for vector designing. It costs about $500 and is widely available. A positive point to choose this software is that the following is usually taught in designing courses so you can easily find a person who has the skills to run this software.
  • The vinyl cutter you purchase for our work is going to be one of the leading investments of your business. Major brands of vinyl cutter are Roland, Gerber and Graphtec. The average vinyl cutter price starts from approximately $2000 and drives up from there.
  • Third main equipment to get is the computer you need to the drive your software which operate your vinyl cutter. For this you purpose, you can normally spend $1000 on a newly purchased computer to make it capable of cranking out all kinds of signs.

Along with these equipment, you also need to get a stock of other materials like various sizes of banners, Coroplast, Alumalite and magnetic sheeting.  A Warehouse is a great place to get good and affordable deals on vinyl cutters and other relevant equipment for sign supply.



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